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Our water disinfection and biofouling control systems use Electrochlorination and / or Chlorine Dioxide as the base technology to ensure personnel safety, continuity of supply and cost effectiveness for the end user.


Water Engineers is focused on water treatment with a particular emphasis on water disinfection, biofouling control and filtration solutions. Our area of operation covers Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Mexico, USA, India, Europe and the Middle East.


Water Engineers design and manufacture OxiMax eChem Chlorine Dioxide generators. Outputs range from 3 – 10,000 g/hr and these patented machines offer benefits of safety, high efficiency and high purity Chlorine Dioxide.


Water Engineers designs, manufactures and maintains OxiMax Electrochlorination and eChem Chlorine Dioxide equipment for a wide range of Water Treatment applications:

Power Stations

We have wide experience over the past 20 years with the use of Electrochlorination for control of marine growth in seawater cooled Power Stations, Refineries and more.

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Potable Water

Water Engineers have a wide range of OxiMax MM and MA Series on-site Hypochlorite Generators, designed to disinfect from a few litres/hour to hundreds of thousands of litres/hour.

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Swimming Pools

Water Engineers are specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of a range of OxiMax equipment for Resort swimming pools, water parks and water features.

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Recycled Water

Water Engineers builds a range of Electrochlorination and Chlorine Dioxide equipment to treat recycled water for a variety of applications.

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Health Care

OxiMax eCD and ACD eChem on-site Chlorine Dioxide generators are proving to be the best method of controlling legionella and our MM Series Hypochlorite generators are helping provide safe water in Hospitals and other health and aged care facilities.

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Mining Industry

Water Engineers designs and manufactures a range of OxiMax equipment to treat Potable water, Recycled water and Process water with Hypochlorite and/or Chlorine Dioxide for the mining sector.

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Who we are

Water Engineers and its associate company Anode Technology have been designing and manufacturing Electrochlorination equipment and coated titanium anodes for more than 25 years. We hold a number of patents and our water treatment equipment is well recognised throughout the world.

Worldwide Service and Support

In house design.

Manufactured in Australia.

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Why Choose Us

Water Engineers is focused on water treatment with a particular emphasis on water disinfection, biofouling control and filtration solutions. Our area of operation covers Australia, New Zealand, Asia, USA, India, Europe, Mexico and the Middle East.

Latest Technology

With our vast knowledge of water disinfection combined with the latest anode technology, makes us the leader in our field.

Licensed & Insured

Water Engineers is fully licensed & Insured that meets international standard ISO 9001:2008

Ontime Delivery

Water Engineers focus on delivering products and service on time every time.

Profesional Workers

Our highly skilled team are fully qualified and are experts in their field.

Latest Projects

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  • Power Station
  • Swimming Pools

Qeshm Power Station

Managing Marine Growth/Biofouling for the Qeshm Power Station with Electrochlorination.

Kupang Power Station

Managing Marine Growth/Biofouling for the Kupang Powerstation with Electrochlorination.

Xylem – Sri Damodaram Power Station

Electrocholorination system to prevent Growth/Biofouling.

Gladstone power stations-Electrocholorination

Managing Marine Growth/Biofouling for the Gladstone Powerstation with Electrochlorination.

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Ken Varcoe

Founder and CEO A Chemical Engineer with 25 years experience with Electrolysis and Electrochlorination puts Water Engineers at the forefront of Water Treatment.

Phillip Mills

Production Manager Has been in manufacturing for over 20 years with 7 of these years being in water disinfection.
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Ashley Glenister

Sales & Marketing Manager Builds relationships with key decision makers and matches customers with the right solution for their needs.