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Water Engineers and its associate company Anode Technology have been designing and manufacturing Electrochlorination equipment and coated titanium anodes for more than 25 years. We hold a number of patents and our water treatment equipment is well recognised throughout the world.

    AAbout Us

    Water Engineers is focused on water treatment with a particular emphasis on water disinfection, biofouling control and filtration solutions. Our area of operation covers Australia, New Zealand, Asia, USA, India, Europe, Mexico and the Middle East. Our water disinfection and biofouling control systems use Electrochlorination and / or Chlorine Dioxide as the base technology to ensure personnel safety, continuity of supply and cost effectiveness for the end user.

    CContact Info

    Water Engineers designs, manufactures and maintains OxiMax Electrochlorination and eChem Chlorine Dioxide equipment for a wide range of Water Treatment applications:

    : +61 7 55716 690
    : 18 Manufacturer Drive, Molendinar 4214