Water Engineers are the water treatment specialists.

Water Engineers is focused on water treatment with a particular emphasis on water disinfection, biofouling control and filtration solutions. Our area of operation covers Australia, New Zealand, Asia, USA, India, Europe, Mexico and the Middle East.

Our water disinfection and biofouling control systems use Electrochlorination and / or Chlorine Dioxide as the base technology to ensure personnel safety, continuity of supply and cost effectiveness for the end user.



  • Electrochlorination – Onsite Sodium Hypochlorite (NaOCI) Generation
  • eChem Chlorine Dioxide – Onsite Generation of Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) using a single precursor (Sodium Chlorite Additional Services
  • Anode / Cathode Refurbishment
  • Cathodic Protection Anodes


  • Potable, Wastewater and Seawater Disinfection
  • Marine offshore
  • Resort & Commercial Swimming Pools, Water Parks and Water Features
  • Biofouling control for Power Stations, Refineries and Petrochemical Mining
  • Water Trteatment for remote locations
  • Industrial / Municipal / Commercial /Agricultural
  • Replacement of Chlorine Gas or Bulk Hypochlorite


Knowledge and capabilities to offer complete,clear and concise solutions. These include:

  • Process and P & ID Design
  • Electrical Design (MCC’s, Rectifiers, etc)
  • Control Circuit / Control Panel Design
  • PLC Programming and HMI Design
  • Consultancy and Process Analysis
  • Instrumentation Selection
  • Mechanical Component Selection (Pumps, Filters, etc)
  • Mechanical Installation, Commissioning and Handover
  • Every project is customized to ensure a perfect
    fit for the customers’ process requirements.

Worldwide Service and Support

  • Dedicated staff focused on customer satisfaction
  • Installation, commissioning and maintenance staff available 24 hours a day; always on stand-by
  • Training for customers provided before handover
  • All warranty parts stocked and available for quick delivery
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