Over the past 12 years Water Engineers and partner company Anode Technology have worked closely with a number of key Australian and international mining companies.

We have been involved in the design and manufacture of electrode systems for metal recovery from ore bodies, tailings and wastewaters.

This is an area of rapid growth and Water Engineers are pleased to receive enquiries from any mining companies or consultants interested in this technology and more recently with the design and manufacture of our compact MM Series which allow the disinfection of water to allow consumption.

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Dear Ken Varcoe, PERFORMANCE CERTIFICATE FOR OXIMAX ELECTROCHLORINATOR This is to certify that Gladstone Power Station has now run the 2 x 60 kg/hr OxiMax Electrochlorinators since 2002 with no maintenance problems. The equipment has performed reliably and has exceeded our requirements. Contracts Purchasing Officer - NRG Gladstone

Contracts Purchasing Officer – NRG Gladstone