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Company Profile.

Water Engineers is a global company focused on water treatment solutions for a range of applications. While we are primarily a Research and Development company, we manufacture a range of innovative products aimed at a specific market segments and we hold several Patents covering the unique features of our machines. We are certified to ISO 9001-2008.

Our Head Office and main factories are in Queensland, Australia and we also have factories in Nagpur, India. We have company offices in USA (OxiMax United), Singapore and Dubai, along with associated offices in China, Iran and key Australian States. In addition, we have a network of Agents and Distributors throughout the world.

Our team of 92 includes chemical, electrical and mechanical engineers, along with a skilled and experienced production team. Our initial work in the fields of Electrolysis and Electrochlorination goes back over 25 years and we are considered world leaders in several of our fields of operation. We hold a number of Patents covering our unique designs.

Our machines are designed for on-site generation of either Sodium Hypochlorite (liquid chlorine) or Chlorine Dioxide by the process of electrolysis. Our technology allows the production of these powerful water disinfectants at the point of use, requiring only power and low cost raw materials (common salt or Sodium Chlorite). This means low operating cost and high levels of safety, compared to the traditional methods of providing these disinfectants.

The range of applications for Hypochlorite and Chlorine Dioxide are enormous, as virtually all water that is consumed, or used in Industry, needs either (or both) of the these disinfectants.

Our newest patented technology allows generation of both disinfectants from a single machine, this has the potential to revolutionize a vast range of water treatment applications.


To improve water quality by electrolysis, to improve our environment and to advance the design of electrolysis equipment.

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