Swimming Pools

Water Engineers and our associate companies have vast experience with large swimming pool systems and we have supplied hundreds of systems to our customers in Australia and throughout the world.
We are pleased to design an OxiMax system to suit any pool or water feature and we can offer Electrochlorination Cells, Power Supplies, Control Systems, complete installations and consulting services.

Our OxiMax MT and MC Series are designed for use with “salt” pools (salinities ranging from 3 g/l – sea water) and Our new MV Series is designed for pools with salinities as low as 500 ppm. MM and MA Series of on site generators are designed for “fresh” water pools.

The OxiMax Calculator is a useful guide which may assist in determining the appropriate chlorination equipment for various pools.

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Dear Ken Varcoe, PERFORMANCE CERTIFICATE FOR OXIMAX ELECTROCHLORINATOR This is to certify that Gladstone Power Station has now run the 2 x 60 kg/hr OxiMax Electrochlorinators since 2002 with no maintenance problems. The equipment has performed reliably and has exceeded our requirements. Contracts Purchasing Officer - NRG Gladstone

Contracts Purchasing Officer – NRG Gladstone